Re-connect into your true nature

I offer you:


the mindful body-mind fascia training: BOWSPRING, which uses pulsating, dynamic movements and round body shapes to tone the entire myofascial connections in the body,


SOULFUL MOVERS my joyful holistic body-mind movement training. You won’t be able to get enough of this class, which is filled with love and self-care,


the recognition of habitual default patterns and the associated points of tension, as well as solutions, to finally get rid of old blockades,


the new naturally aligned body will prepare you for any challenge in life,


a new playful lightness and at the same time a deep strength that allows you to live to your full potential,


further educational programs for body coaches such as Yoga and Dance Teachers, Gyrokinesis®, Bowspring, and Pilates Trainers and movement lovers and all of those who want to dive into a conscious use of their own body wisdom.

Weekly courses

Train regularly for greater wellbeing and suppleness in my weekly classes, most of which are live and online.


We start again on the 24th of august


9 .00- 10.00 am

Soulful Movers



6.00 -7.15 pm

Soul Bow

(Online / Studio)


3 Days

Deep Dive :


Module 1 :

Root Chakra


Human Design

Soulful Movers

Soulbody Journeys




Contact : or 0043/69910051933.

Soulful Bow

In this holistic class, you will be gently taught the basic Bowspring principles combined with other helpful techniques. The goal is to achieve a deeper inner awareness of our body spaces and the entire fascial network. Then through gentle relaxed breathing connected with pulsating movements, you will attain moments in which you „meet yourself“!

For all levels

Soulful Movers

Is a mindfulness training for body, mind, and soul, where I implement my concept of Soulful Movers the most: a community of people, who find a deeper connection to themselves through pulsating, almost dance-like movement and an alignment that corresponds to the body’s naturalness. The class evolves with a self-reflection within the group. Power breathing and inner journeys deepen the experience of the practice.

For all levels

Bow Flow

A sweaty workout for participants, who are already more familiar with the Bowspring principles. I often use the Root Katas from the Bowspring training for the lesson structure. Playfully we venture into complicated poses, mind, and body are centered and focused through the physical challenge. At the end of the class, we take time to assimilate, allowing the body to find a deeper relaxation.

Levels 1-2


Coaching Bow

This class welcomes any personal questions you may have at the beginning of class to create a better understanding of one’s own physiognomy or functional alignment.

We often use tools such as Pilates balls, Theraband, weights, and more. We then activate the “forgotten spots” in the body, „sleeping muscles” and resolve imbalances.

For all levels

Flow Bow

In this class, we simply surrender to the dynamic flow of the pulsating movements, „turn off the head“ and connect with the body intuition through flowing rhythmic movement sequences.

Levels 1-2


8-class card 130,- €

5-class card: 85,- €
Single class:17,- € (members)

Single class first time: 18,- €
Personal Training 90,- € 

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Master Class Videos

If you want to train independently at your own pace, my Master Class videos are ideal! You will receive short effective sessions that let you understand, strengthen and release each key area of the body. The Master Classes give a concentrate on my „Best of “ exercises, which I have worked out over decades.

Happy Heart

Happy Shoulder

Happy Neck+more