Re-connect into your
true nature.

Even as a child, the body was my starting point. Here I could best withdraw, feel, and express my soul. Instead of running,
I preferred to dance and hop.

In my very intensive dance education, I was forced to turn my weakness into my strength. Due to my congenital back condition, I learned a lot about functional training and found effective exercises to practice my profession.

Later, as a  dance teacher, body coach, and working mother, I researched deeper into simple exercises for a healthy body. Together with my husband Johannes Randolf we developed the concept of „Dancing Anatomy“, which is very comprehensible and practical to give the participants independent expertise about connections in the body.

Other further educations I achieved, deepened my knowledge of the body and made me a solution finder and body specialist, but it was only with the Bowspring Method that I found a concept that works for me personally on all levels.

I discovered an alignment that connects and protects my body and thereby allows it to open from the inside. I had not felt this feeling of inner lightness for a long time as an adult.

“Randi’s classes are so fascinating because she skillfully and yet playfully addresses all levels, i.e., body, mind, and soul…a kind of Holistic High Class. You discover completely new movement patterns, understand the connections between fascia, breathing, and neurological connections, and stretch your mind. It’s great that this can even be done online.

Randi’s radiant personality is like a gift and is described with two statements: 

Super Soul & Radiant Heart.

Gabriella Martini 48 years, singer, yoga teacher, and coach

“In Randi beats a great teacher’s heart, with the ability to empathetically pick up everyone, where they are, to let everyone be, who they are.”

Dr. Astrid Engelbrecht, Sports and Communication Scientist



“If you’re ready to make big changes in your life look no further than Randi.

Have you ever met someone before, who was truly living their souls purpose in life? There is something special about the energy. They radiate into the world around them. They smile brightly, buzz around energetically, and carry themselves with invigorated youthfulness. You instantly feel more connected, and relaxed when you are around them. This has always been my experience with Randi as a teacher, and as a friend, and my soul always feels so happy, and full after connecting with her.”

Jarrod Reichelt, Purpose Coach

Now I am living my soul’s purpose 

Since 1998 I have been teaching at the Institute of Dance Arts at the Bruckner University Linz: movement essentials, body coaching, and applied anatomy.

My goal is to teach the students a healthy and loving way of treating their body similar to a precious instrument.

In my studio, I teach, as a dedicated Bowspring Teacher and with my concept: Soulful Movers, an integration of mind and body. Through workshops nationally and internationally (online and live ) I mediate my body knowledge in practice to Movement Trainers and „Movement Lovers“.

My classes lead us through elastic, flowing movements into a concrete perception of the body, this creates peace of mind, similar to active meditation. This can have a healing effect on all levels.

From this experience I have developed

In my classes, the human being in his wholeness is the subject.

I believe that often we are more developed on the spiritual-mental level and have forgotten our natural need for movement.

Finding our way back into soul- and mindful movement gives us the opportunity to connect more directly with all that we really are. So that we finally re-connect into our true nature.

If you want to hear more about my LIFE STORY. Just listen to my interview from  :(It’s in German) The title of my interview is „Peace Begins in your own Body:  .

Discover the secrets of your body with me and become the perfect body coach for yourself and others.


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