Let us discover together forgotten inner body spaces, to re-align into our original vitality and supple elasticity.

The body has its own wisdom and follows universal principles,
to decode and to teach  them are my passion.

Do you wish…


a unique body knowledge to become a perfect body coach for yourself and for others,


to reawaken “sleeping muscles” for a holistic presence,


a grounded and at the same time light, free body,


an activated and equally relaxed energy throughout the body network,


a centered and wide heart space,


sparkling, physical radiance to live your full potential ?

„Everything that training science teaches us about holistic movement therapies, can be found in Randi’s classes. She manages to be unobtrusively engaging, humorous, and most importantly, authentic in helping the participant find their way back to their own power.

After the training, you feel light, powerful, and very clear!  Randi’s teaching is potential development on all levels! Thank you to a colleague for so much inspiration, heart, and dedication!”

Dr.Astrid Engelbrecht, Sports and Communication Scientist, Master Trainer, Yoga Teacher, “Sporthof Schöne Aussicht”

„Randi’s classes open a very different possibility within the body. My body is really stuck with a high level of tension normally. I’m feeling that her teachings can give me the inner strength, that I was searching for, for so long. I would describe it as a spiral connection or expanded tension. A body that expands itself, like a spiral spring…that’s what I experience in the pulsing movements in Randi’s classes. This creates a lot of inner space in my body.“

Lucia Mauri, dancer, master student in movement research

“Randi acts like a catalyst, she manages to bring the participants into her essence in a straightforward, fast way. The physical transformation releases energetic blockages and supports development on the mental-emotional level.”

Johannes Randolf, book author, founder of the NCMT® therapy concept, physiotherapist

Find your inner strength, so that the soul has space to expand within you.

Weekly trainings (online/live)

Video programs

Modules/Workshops (Hybrid)

Continuing education for trainers and Movement Lovers

One on one sessions

Let me accompany you into a loving connection with your body, and discover a whole new powerful lightness.


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