These videos include my highlights  of all my research and training concepts.

At the beginning of the video you get a small theoretical introduction to the topic, then we dive into an approximately half-hour, very effective exercise sequence, my „Best of“ exercises.

Each video has its own focus, yet always uses the entire interconnectedness of the body.

One after the other, they build on each other. But stand just as much for themselves.

Language : English

Happy Heart is the perfect video to get started off with the basic concept of Bowspring and Soulful Movers. It is suitable for all beginners, but just as good for those that wish to deepen their knowledge.

In this Masterclass you will learn …

  • how to create an expansiveness throughout the chest that centers you in the heart and relaxes you on the outside (Radiant Heart),
  • how to use your full lung volume to refreshing the entire body, 
  • how much space there is in the heart, when you become more aware of the back heart and back ribs, this expands your consciousness not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally…and much more.

 25,- €

is the second beginners video. It would be optimal to follow this training after you have made the Happy Heart video. But it also stands for itself and is suitable for every level.

In this Masterclass you will learn …

  • why a balanced shoulder blade gives you a free and smooth arm movement
  • to use forgotten muscles, that free you from tension and pain in the neck
  • how spiral movements create space in the joints….and much more…

 25,- €

This video  starts with simple exercises, that will give you a new feeling for the connection between foot and hip.The different exercise sequences build on each other and become more challenging towards the end

Part 1 = Beginner and all levels
Part 2 = Level 1-2

In this Masterclass you will learn …

  • how important the foot movement is to maintain a healthy hip, 
  • how to balance all the muscles around the hip, 
  • how a correct pelvis position protects us from a lot of pain… and much more.


This video assumes you have some prior knowledge, ideally you have already done HAPPY HEART, HAPPY SHOULDER and /or HAPPY HIP. Or you have participated in Soulful Mover or Bowspring classes.

In the Masterclass you will learn….

  • how to release tension from the neck and lower back, 
  • how to strengthen the center of the body by lengthening it in an arching fashion,
  • which exercises will bring you directly into your deep power
  • how to „energize“ the spine through a natural alignment of the double S-curve …and much more.

 25,- €

Happy New Me Package

2 videos  45,- Euro

All 4 masterclass videos as a package

 85,- € 

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