Deep Dive 3

Days Embody your TRUE SELF



24.2.-26.2. 2023 (online/studio)

         When did you stop being yourself?

Do you rush through your life and sometimes wonder if things could be different?

Do you hide who you really are out of fear of not meeting the expectations of others or of being hurt and actually wish to live all your diversity?

Do you even sometimes have the feeling that you only function, but your everyday life is not fun?

I invite you on a journey back to who you really are.

In these 3 days I offer you everything I am and can do.

And this is much more than a movement seminar.

We use Human Design to create a very personal energetic map for you, then we bring this knowledge through movement into the flow and finally you look yourself in guided (a.o. chakras) „soul-body“ meditations, what you want to let go of to follow even more your true power and own wisdom.

After this weekend you

will  …


understand more precisely how to use your personal energy and also how to protect it.



become more aware of the areas in which you are particularly receptive and thus also decide more consciously how you react to your environment.



understand yourself better and can thus be much more active in taking responsibility for yourself without others telling you what to do.


maybe even find access to your body wisdom and inner voice through the learned body exercises, the implementation of your Human Design, and also through the guided meditations that you take away from the workshop, remind yourself of it on a daily basis.

Arrive in your Rootcenter:

24.2.2023: 18-20.15 h

25.2-26.2.2023: 9h-10 and 18h-20

3 days of holistic immersion with Human Design, Soulful Movement(/Fascia Yoga-Bowspring) and Soul-Body Journeys(/guided meditations):

24.2.2023: 18-20.15 h

(getting to know each other, human design insights, movement, and „inner soul body journey )

25.2-26.2.2023: 9 h -10 h

( Finding into the body )

and 18 h-20 h

(Understanding your energetic map through Human Design, getting in motion with Soulful Movement, feeling inside yourself with Soul Body Journeys)

De-stressing does not only happen through un-stressing.

We explore your personal energy in your root center using Human Design knowledge. Through pleasant, natural movements you can begin to balance your root energy. Finally, I guide you through guided „body-soul journeys“.

Here you get new access to your very own inner truth.

In the root center lies your driving force

your handling of stress

your joy of life and your motivation.

If you can arrive through these 3 days on all levels new. You will be able to start your everyday life in a completely new way after this weekend. And integrate the learned „rituals“ into your daily routine.

290,00 Euro (early bird until 31.1.2023) afterward: 300,- Euro

Classes take place online and live in the studio (Hyprid).

All classes and soul journeys are included as recordings, so you can repeat them whenever you want.

There is also a workbook with human design insights and coaching questions.


Feel free to contact me at 0043-69910051933 or

 Payment Methods

Please send me your registration for „TRUE SELF“ to, as soon as you have transferred the course fee, you will receive the link or we will  reserve a seat in the studio.

As our community is international, most of the lessons are in easy-to-understand English. The script is in English and/or German, as you wish.


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