Human Design is a gift to find your soul purpose….


Human Design includes the systems of astrology, chakra teachings, the I Ching, the Kabalah, and also quantum physics. Based on your birth date and time, you can calculate a graph that shows you a kind of force field from which you can decipher your talents, personality structure, conflict potential, and also your individual approach in your mental and emotional areas, in your communication and creativity, and much more.

Human Design was originally developed so that parents could more consciously decipher the uniqueness of their children and perceive more precisely how they can support and encourage them.

In the meantime, Human Design has also become a recognized tool in the professional world and is used to analyze and optimize team dynamics and also to discover your own calling and superpower in order to recognize how you can enrich the world.

Since I have been living my Human Design, many things have changed for the better, things flow more easily and I recognize my potential for conflict in communication much more quickly.

I can now understand my friends, my family, and also my students in a completely different way so that dealing with each other becomes more supportive, easier, and more relaxed. And that is what my Human Design type:“ The Projector “ loves, to accompany and support others on their way…


Do you want to be reminded of who you really are?


Do you want to understand more deeply what the unique meaning of your life is?

Or are you at a fork in the road and don’t know which direction to take?

Then you are exactly right with me, have a look at my offers, I am looking forward to you:


„Recognize your superpower“


Personal reading:

We look at your unique superpowers:

What is your special radiant power to inspire others?

What is the foundation that strengthens your power?

What are your personal needs so that your power can be fully effective?

Where is your deepest wound and therefore also your greatest gift?

and much more.

We dive deep into your personal energetic force field and take our time. A reading can last up to 2 hours.

So that you really internalize it. We will not only use your mind but also energetically and physically feel into your energy fields.

You yourself will learn to feel and grasp it. So that you can then start into a more conscious experience in everyday life and choose new ways and directions to live your full potential.


To really understand your soul plan most effectively, I prefer a 3 part process:
1. you get a very personal pdf of your design to dive in advance what makes up your soul plan.
2. 90 min I explain you not only who you are, but give you time to feel into it.
Afterwards you will get homework to interigate your new insights in your daily life.
3. we meet again after 3-4 weeks, clarify open questions and dive one layer deeper.



 333,- €

“ Together we are strong „


Partner reading:

You and your partner, child, or significant other.

You will get an overview in detail for each chart, your superpower, personal needs and learning tasks, and greatest gifts.


Then we look at :

Where are you even stronger together?

Where do you complement each other?

Where are there misunderstandings or stumbling blocks?

How can you support and understand your counterpart more deeply?

How can you maybe even communicate on a deeper level?

You will also understand more where you can give each other space or may also offer mutual help.

Again, there is a rich, written summary.



420,- €

I like to know more about…

Topic Reading :

Where do you want to know more, where do you want to look closer:  your qualities in business or in physical areas or interpersonal or something else ?

We can also look at how you consciously and authentically attract people to your business or which working conditions are the best for you.

Human Design offers a deep variety. Contact me beforehand and tell me about your personal questions. Then I can find specific answers in your design.

A topic-related reading will then also cost


Families or Team Reading:


Everyone has their own special role in the big picture:

Here we look at your special dynamics among yourselves. Is everyone in the system already allowed to take their own very individual role?

How can you better understand and support each other in your differences?

How do you function best as a „team“?

Who has which needs?

How can you give yourselves the space that everyone needs in their own way?

 450,- €

Happy Famliy Package (3 persons)

 450,- € 

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