I develope a six week programm soon more


 Start to discover your true purpose

Do you wish already, …

…to live in such a way that you do exactly what satisfies you deeply?

…that you recognize your own personal superpower and really become the person the world has been waiting for?

…that you free yourself from the generalization of how you have to be and stop comparing yourself?

…that you stand by the uniqueness of your personality because Human Design only confirms what you have always known?





This program will transform …


the way you see yourself.


create a new vision for your life


has the goal of giving you a new perspective so that you can deal more consciously with yourself and your fellow human beings. You realize that every human being is unique. By understanding your own being better, your life becomes more peaceful, gets more ease and you feel more fulfilled.


 November 2022




Payment Methods

Please send me your registration for „Let’s talk about Human Design“ to hello@randirandolf.com.
but you can also send me a message on my mobile phone: 00436991005193. Payment is possible via Paypal or bank transfer, (see below) but also in cash if you come to the studio.

As our community is international, we will speak English/ German in the evening.


Please choose one of these payment options:



Bank transfer

Randi Randolf – Liebnau Easybank
IBAN : AT70 1420 0200 1092 7863