Embody your Body

I offer you:


functional fascia movement coaching to become a unique body coach for yourself and others,


in-depth research and insight from the fields of Modern Anatomy, Functional Training, Spiraldynamic, Bowspring, Fascial Training, NCMT®, Dance, Bodywork, Energy Work, Gyrokinesis®,Gyrotonic® Yoga and Bio-Tensegrity and much more,


very effective alignment principles of the key points in the body, identifying and resolving „sticky points“ that block energy, 


special teaching concepts, theoretical backgrounds, and practical exercises that enable you to identify causes and provide solutions to physical tensions and pain,


special techniques for deeper sensory awareness of the entire myofascial body network and for consciously activating intrinsic muscles so that external tension, as if by itself, can become released,


further educational programs for movement trainers such as Yoga, Dance, Gyrokinesis®, Bowspring, and Pilates teachers, as well as dancers, athletes and movement lovers, which offer a new understanding of the principles of the body that enable to independently build successful and effective training units.

“In Randi’s class, my body felt simultaneously anchored but also weightless – this weightlessness visualized for me, in the pulsating movement, a jellyfish. You could call it the multidirectional engagement of the holistic, fluid body.“

Anna Martens, Pilates instructor, and choreographer, master’s student in Movement Research

„Randi is THE source of inspiration for me on the multi-layered levels. My psychophysical coach. She imparts her spectrum-rich knowledge mindfully, sensitively, empathically, and full of enthusiasm. You really enjoy exploring your own body and discovering the physiological alignment in every movement and pulsating position. You always feel comfortable and safe in Randi’s classes and she pays attention to everyone individually and has incredible eagle eyes.“

Angela Wörgartner, Gyrokinesis Teacher, Dance Educator, and Dancer

Current workshops / modules 

3 classes module, Saturday

29.01., 5.02. , 17.02.2022

5.30 pm -7.10 pm

3 classes that immerse you in a very special, mindful understanding of the body. You become your own body coach and get tools with which you can create your own targeted training for yourself and also, if you like, for others.

You will get a unique script with my pictures and insights from the latest findings in training science and fascia research.

Complex connections are conveyed to you simply and very clearly and immediately implemented in effective exercises. You will learn how an elastic pelvic floor supports the spine from below, expands the heart (Radiant Heart), and is crucial for deep breathing.

In the end, you will feel refreshed and inspired by experiencing your deep, unique personal power.

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3 classes each on Saturday

5.30 pm- 7.10 pm  

March/April 2022.


„Trust your roots and center yourself in the heart“.

These „DEEP DIVE“ classes are like a key to your body logic.

When you start to grasp the body wisdom. A unique contact between body and soul develops.

You will find your way back into the naturalness of your movement and release new energy.

Through trust in your body, your mind will also find peace.

One to One

Write me an  E-Mail to book a one-on-one training.

One-on-one training with me can be like a rendezvous with yourself.

Together we go on a mindful journey to discover ways in which your personal energy can flow without limitations. I like to call this „opening the energy – pathways. You discover and understand where your body compensates, some muscles try to replace weak muscles and tense up. We explore new ways that enable you to independently activate your body structures evenly and thus increase your well-being. The goal is that you become an expert of your own body and so much fitter and happier to return to your everyday life.

Individual training can take place in my studio, at your home, or online.